Breakfast Menu

Monday – Friday: 10am – 12:30pm | Saturday: 10am – 1pm.
All our breakfast include regular Tea/Coffee
(No Exchanging Breakfast Items)

Full Irish

2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, Hash Brown, White Pudding, Beans, Tomato, Egg and Toast.  (1a,3,7,9,10,12).


Poached Eggs And Avocado

Poached Eggs and crushed Avocado on Toasted Sourdough.  (1a,3,7,9,10,12).


Vegan Breakfast

Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms, Avocado, Beans, Hash Brown on toasted Sourdough.  (1a,3,7,9,10,12).


Mini Breakfast

1 Bacon, 1 Sausage, Egg, Beans, White Pudding, Tomato and Toast. (1a,3,7,9,10,12).


Bacon And Scrambled Eggs

Crispy Smoked Bacon and Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Sourdough. ((1a,3,7,9,10,12).


Selection of Scones, Crossiants and Pastries also available

Pancake Stack


With one of the following toppings:

Maple Syrup and Crispy Bacon

Nutella and Strawberries

Mixed Berry Compote

Nuts and Seeds